1:- The habit or remaining ideal destroys the learning. If a women goes to other man, she gets destroyed. Little seeding ruins the harvest. Death of the Commander ensure the defeat of his army.

A commander leads his army. He is the real force that keeps the soldiers working like a machine. After his death, his soldiers become aimless.

Learning is the only kind of treasure the multiplies when it is used, it starts shriking. Any kind of the knowledge requires constant updating. Regular exercies keeps it alive.

2:- Education is gained through exercise. A family' s class manifests through its good credentials. A great man is recognized by his habits. Man's eyes display his anger.

3:- A person who is not clever can not be polite talker. A frank person can not be deceitul. The administrators are corrupt in one way or other. A person who likes to cleen is surely romantic.
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