If you wish for deliverance, give up bad habits and addictions because these are poison for you. Have the spirt of borgiven ess, the right conduet Compassion piety, truth and similar other qualities which are the Amrit for human.

The people who reval the secret of other, they themselves get destroyed like a snake that gets perished after being trapped in a mothhill.

Amirt is the king of all the medicines. The food is the most satisfying of all means of pleasure. Eye is the queen of all the sensory organs. Head is the most superior of all the parts of the body.
No messenger can go to sky, no talk starts before the saying to someone else. no combination can be there in that reason but still a learned knows well when there will be the eclipses of sun and moon. Those who are tell this, how they are learned one.   
Chanakya niti
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