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A man must protect his wealth for hard times so hat he could deal with the troubles. It is an accepted fact that the one, who has money, can overcome hurdleseasily. The money, if not protected property slips away from the possession.

The money is a slippery customer. It dose not like to stay at one place and manages to get spent. Chanakya hinks that a person having walth can face the probems without much difficulty. But it is not easy to hold on the wealth or money. Even the well protected money may slip out of the hands because unlawful elements get attracted towards it as well as come in the contact of the owner.

बुरे दिनों से निपटने के लिए व्येक्ती को धन संचय करके रखना चाहिए ताकि बुरे समय में वो काम आसके यहे एक सच्चाई हे जिसके पास धन हे वो निर्धन भी हो सकता हे 
Chanakya niti

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